Hunger Has No Season™

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General Donation Information
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If anyone would like to do a Fund Raiser
- we would be open to their suggestion, as it helps to keep the doors open. We don't receive any State or Federal Money. We are non-denominational and diverse. *We need a drivers with truck or van to be on call to pick up foods. * We need a permanent cook for Tuesday. * We need Volunteers for various times of the day.


Food items Garlic Powder, Parsley, Bay Leaves, Cloves, Vanilla extract, Roasted Peppers they come in a jar, Salad Dressing

Plastic Ware ( Heavy Duty) Table Cloth Plastic 54 by 102 need 18 for Thanksgiving ( orange). 18 also for Christmas (Red) also Thanksgiving and Christmas dessert paper plates , Bowls, cups for 300 people & Napkins to match. Hot Cups 12 oz, Soup Bowls

Chief Potatoes 100 lbs., 35 lbs of frozen Peas, butter pats, creamers.

Kids Snacks, Sippy Drinks, Reg Drinks, Powder Onions, Dill, Tin foil- (extra wide)

Fruit snacks, Brown Sugar, Sauerkraut, Dry Onion Soup. Dish Soup, Steel Scrubbers.

These items will help us, as the holidays are coming up soon.

Thank you, Stop in and visit us.

Priscilla Brayson Director of Enfield Loaves and Fishes, Inc. 28 Prospect Street/ PO Box 544 Enfield, CT 06082 (860)-741-0226 "Hunger Has No Season”